7 Toxic Friendships You Need to Distance Yourself From


Friendship, much like love and trust, cannot be bought; it must be earned. It is entirely your choice who you consider your friends. However, there are certain types of friends you should steer clear of. Here are seven categories of friends you should definitely avoid

1. Those with Ill Intentions: Friends who wish for your downfall should have no place in your life. These individuals never have anything positive to say about you, show no appreciation for your efforts, and are absent when you need support.

2. Backbiters: Avoid those who speak negatively about you behind your back. They harbor jealousy and aim to tarnish your image by revealing your flaws to others who trust you, attempting to turn them against you.

3. Pretenders: People who pretend to be your friends but only lie and deceive are not true friends. They are self-centered, caring only about what they can gain from you. They smile in your presence but work behind the scenes to bring about your downfall.

4. Excessive Talkers: While talkative friends may provide companionship and laughter, they can also be harmful. They tend to gossip about others and spread your secrets, lacking control over their words.

5. Intruders in Relationships: Friends who overly befriend your partner, children, or family members are dangerous. Their sudden closeness can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts within your relationships. Be cautious, as they may damage your relationship with falsehoods or manipulative actions.

6. Constant Borrowers: Financial matters can strain friendships. Friends who frequently borrow money or items and fail to return them can lead to bitterness, resulting in serious conflicts. Keep such friends at a distance to maintain your peace.

7. Know-It-Alls: Individuals who always believe they are superior and interrupt conversations with their opinions should be avoided. They tend to be overly confident, arrogant, and seek glory for solving problems. Steer clear of these people.

Remember, true friendship is built on love, trust, and mutual respect. Choose your friends wisely to nurture healthy, genuine relationships in your life.

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