Biography of Deborah Lukalu


Deborah Lukalu

Deborah Lukalu, a prominent Congolese gospel singer, was born in Lubumbashi on March 24. However, her exact year of birth remains unknown, with some sources stating 1994 while others claiming it to be 1995.

In 2015, Deborah Lukalu released her debut album “Law Breaker,” which was a great success and launched her gospel music career. Following this, she went on to release three full albums and around four singles as of early 2019.


In July 2018, Deborah Lukalu got married to Cedric Kaseba. A month later, she released a single titled “Today Is My Day,” accompanied by a music video from her wedding celebration.

Deborah Lukalu’s immense musical talent and her passion for gospel and worship music have made her a household name. Her exceptional vocals and soulful music have won her fans across the globe.


Her latest album is “Trust in the storm”, which was released this year, 2023.

Here is a list of some of her songs.

1. Call Me Favour – Call Me Favour Live Recording (2018) 2. We Testify – Call Me Favour Live Recording (2018) 3. Ma consolation – Mungu Wa Maajabu (Live) (2020)


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