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Khaya Mthethwa

South African musician and inspiring leader Khaya Mthethwa is a multidimensional personality. Khaya’s journey from winning Idols South Africa to becoming a well-respected pastor is a testimony.

Khaya was born in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, on November 25, 1987, and was raised surrounded by spirituality and music. His parents were pastors, so he grew up in a religious setting and had a strong love of music from an early age.

Khaya had to confront the difficulty of defying his parents’ wishes and pursuing his musical aspirations after graduating from high school. He continued to be involved in music despite their misgivings, leading the church choir as its music director and attending varsity college to study project management.



Khaya’s musical journey gained momentum when he joined the renowned gospel group Joyous Celebration as a backing vocalist. His talent and versatility soon became evident, leading him to explore various genres beyond gospel, including pop, jazz, and R&B.

Idols South Africa Triumph: In 2012, Khaya took a bold step by auditioning for Idols South Africa, aiming to broaden his musical horizons. Against the odds, he emerged victorious, becoming the first black person to win the competition. His victory not only showcased his vocal prowess but also inspired countless aspiring musicians across Africa.

Following his Idols triumph, Khaya continued to make waves in the music industry. He showcased his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and composer, releasing his debut album “For You,” featuring songs that resonated with audiences far and wide.


Life After Divorce

In the wake of their separation, Khaya reflected on the importance of protecting his wife and maintaining a sense of serenity amidst life’s uncertainties. Despite the pain of their divorce, he remains focused on cherishing the memories they shared and embracing the lessons learned from their time together.

Challenges and Growth

However, the journey of love is not always smooth sailing. Despite their initial bliss, Khaya and Ntando faced challenges in their marriage, as Khaya revealed in one of his church sermons. While the details of their struggles remain private, their decision to part ways in December 2019 marked the end of a chapter filled with both joy and hardship.



Khaya’s impact transcends music. In addition to his musical endeavors, he ventured into television, hosting gospel shows like “Gospel Alive” and “Rhythm and Gospel.” In 2015, he was ordained as a pastor, further embodying his commitment to spreading positivity and faith.

Khaya Mthethwa’s journey serves as a testament to the power of talent, determination, and faith. From humble beginnings in a church choir to becoming a celebrated musician and pastor, he continues to inspire others to pursue their dreams and embrace their unique gifts.
Khaya Mthethwa” top 50 Songs

1. Mkhulumsebenzi
2. Settle for Less (Live)
3. Atmosphere
4. Circle of Life/Nants’ Ingonyama
5. Ushilo Wena
6. I Just Can’t Wait to Be King
7. Igama Lakho
8. Hakuna Matata
9. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Full Version)
10. Settle for Less / Your Way
11. How Do You Love
12. Our God
13. How Do You Love – Remix
14. Similapha (Live)
15. End of the Story (Live)
16. Settle for Less – Live
17. Only One For Me
18. Makwenzeke
19. Stand For Me Again
20. Kwanele Manje
21. Ngcwele
22. Hhayi Akekh’ Onjengawe
23. Akekh’ Ofana Nawe
24. Coming Out
25. Name Above All Names
26. Ongiholayo
27. This Is Why
28. Lendawo
29. Ngcwele / Your Kingdom Come
30. Hhayi Akekh’onjengawe
31. Bhekani Uthando (Live)
32. Similapha – Live
33. Never Tell Us No
34. You’re Doing a New Thing
35. Settle For Less Your Way
36. Avulekile
37. Our God (Live)
38. Kwanele Manje (Artists In Activism)
39. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
40. Awaken Me
41. How Do You Love (Live)
42. Settle For Less & Your Way
43. Noma Ngihamba
44. This Generation
45. Hayo Mathatha (Live)
46. Outpouring (Live)
47. Circle of Life/Nants’ Ingonyama (From “The Li
48. Ngambulele
49. Incredible
50. Praise Your Name

For You (Universal Music Group, 2012)
The Uprising (Universal Music Group, 2014)
The Dawn 2016
All About Jesus 2018


In late 2013 he began hosting the Mzansi Magic religious music talk show Gospel Alive. On 21 May 2017 he started hosting the BET gospel show Rhythm and Gospel and on 25 June 2017 he debuted as the host of SABC1’s Sunday morning gospel show Gospel Avenue.

  • Clash of the Choirs South Africa – Season 1 Choirmaster – KwaZulu-Natal
  • Code Green – Season 1 Himself
  • Cooking Gospel – Season 1 Himself
  • Gospel Alive – Season 1 Host- Himself
  • I Love South Africa – Season 1 Contestant – Himself
  • Idols – Season 8 Winner – Himself
  • Minnie Dlamini: Becoming Mrs. Jones – Season 1 musician-Himself
  • The Remix SA – Season 1 Guest judge- Himself
  • Zaziwa – Season 4 Himself
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