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Victoria Israel Releases Uplifting New Single “In Jesus Name”


Victoria Israel

New Single by Victoria Israel titled “In Jesus Name” Mp3 Download

Victoria Israel, a rising star in contemporary Christian music, has just released her latest single, “In Jesus Name.” This new track follows the success of her previous hits, “Abba Father” and “Maa Korin,” continuing her tradition of delivering powerful, faith-based music that resonates deeply with listeners.

“In Jesus Name” is a heartfelt anthem that encapsulates the essence of faith, hope, and the power of prayer. With its uplifting lyrics and soul-stirring melody, the song is designed to inspire and encourage believers to trust in the power of Jesus’ name in their daily lives. Victoria’s emotive vocal delivery, combined with the song’s rich instrumentation, creates an atmosphere of worship and reflection.

Victoria Israel‘s musical journey has been marked by a series of deeply personal and spiritually rich compositions. Her previous singles, “Abba Father” and “Maa Korin,” have both received widespread acclaim for their profound messages and musical excellence. “Abba Father” explores the intimate relationship between a believer and God, portraying Him as a loving and caring Father. Meanwhile, “Maa Korin” celebrates divine protection and providence, showcasing Victoria’s versatility and depth as a songwriter.

The release of “In Jesus Name” is particularly timely, offering a message of hope and assurance in uncertain times. The song’s lyrics emphasize the transformative power of invoking Jesus’ name in times of trouble and triumph alike. Lines such as “In Jesus’ name, mountains move, and chains are broken” highlight the central theme of the song – that faith in Jesus can bring about miraculous changes in one’s life.

Victoria Israel‘s dedication to her craft and her faith is evident in the meticulous production of “In Jesus Name.” The track features a blend of contemporary and traditional musical elements, with soaring choruses, poignant verses, and a powerful bridge that brings the song to a climactic conclusion. The arrangement allows Victoria’s vocals to shine, conveying the song’s message with clarity and passion.

Fans of Victoria Israelwill find “In Jesus Name” to be a worthy addition to her growing discography. The song not only reinforces her reputation as a gifted artist but also serves as a beacon of faith for her audience. As with her previous releases, Victoria continues to use her platform to spread messages of love, faith, and hope.

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Lyrics: In Jesus Name By Victoria Israel

What held me bound has lost its power
Cos I have the name that holds all power
Every time I call on the name of Jesus
I’m rescued
I’m redeemed
I’m free

What I use to think cannot happen
You always make a way
You can never fail
At the mention of your name
Loruko jesu
All things are possible

There is power in your name
So much power
In heaven and on earth

There is power in your name
So much power
In heaven and on earth

There is power in your name
So much power
In heaven and on earth

There is power in your name
So much power
Loruko Jesu (In Jesus Name)
Ide mi ja o (my chains are broken)

Hallelujah o

Ide mi ja (my chains are broken)
Mo ti la lu yo (I’m victorious)

Hallelujah o

Listen now
Come on say

There is power in your name

I rely on your name

I depend on your name

Hallelujah o

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