Pablo Alborán – Contigo Aprendí

Download Contigo Aprendí Mp3 by Pablo Alborán

Spanish singer, composer, and musician Pablo Alborán. On May 31, 1989, he was born in Málaga, Andalusia, Spain. With the 2011 release of his self-titled first album, Alborán became well-known in Spain. The album was a big financial success and garnered him numerous nominations and accolades.

His passionate voice and romantic, melodic ballads, which frequently combine pop and flamenco influences, define Alborán’s music. One of the most significant musicians in the present Spanish music scene, he is renowned for his stirring live performances and heartfelt songs.

Alborán has had a number of hit albums during his career, including “En Acstico” (2011), “Tanto” (2012), “Terral” (2014), and “Prometo” (2017). Additionally, he has worked with a range of artists, both inside and outside of the Spanish music industry.

Now here’s a song by the Global prolific music artiste and talented singer ““. This song is titled “Contigo Aprendí”,  meaning “I learned with you” in english language.