Yashna – I Surrender


“I Surrender” A new song from “Yashna” 2024

Marking the Easter celebrations 2024! Yashna has yet return with this gospel verse beautiful new song titled “I Surrender.” The song drops during the Easter celebrations. She called it a song that is “so significant and important to me”. “Said Yashna‘.

The celebration of Easter is to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians around the world observe Easter as the holiest day in the Christian calendar, marking the triumph of Jesus over death and sin.

Easter Sunday symbolizes hope, redemption, and new life, as believers rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus and the promise of eternal salvation.

The resurrection of Jesus is seen as the central event in Christianity, affirming the power of God’s love and the victory of good over evil. Take a Listen to I Surrender by Yashna below.

Video to Yashna – I Surrender