Lebo Sekgobela

Lebo Sekgobela – Inceba


Lebo Sekgobela – Inceba

“Inceba” by “Lebo Sekgobela”. A new released single 2024.

“Inceba,” meaning ‘grace’ in Zulu, is a heartfelt live performance that embodies the transformative power of worship through music. Lebo Sekgobela has emerged as a powerhouse in the South African gospel music industry, captivating audiences with her soul-stirring vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and unwavering faith. Hailing from South Africa, Sekgobela‘s music resonates deeply with listeners, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers to touch the hearts of believers across the nation and beyond.

With her powerful performances and anointed ministry, Sekgobela has become a prominent figure in the gospel music scene, earning widespread acclaim and recognition. Her albums, including the critically acclaimed “Restored” and “Umusa,” have topped the charts and garnered numerous awards, including the South African Music Awards (SAMA).

Sekgobela‘s music carries a message of hope, healing, and restoration, drawing inspiration from her personal experiences and deep spiritual convictions. Through songs like “Lion of Judah“,  “I Will Run to You,” and “Ngenelela” she invites listeners into moments of worship and encounter with the divine, encouraging them to draw closer to God and experience His love and grace.

This time she has return with a new year blessing in music and in worship with “Inceba,” meaning ‘grace’ in Zulu. Take a Listen below.

Video to Inceba by Lebo Sekgobela


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