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Brendan Praise is a soulful South African vocalist who has captured the hearts of many fans in the province of Mpumalanga, where Brenden Praise Ledwaba was raised. Ledwaba has always had an interest for music because he comes from a musical family.

At the infant age of five, he began singing, and at the age of twelve, he began playing the piano. He picked up a decent ear for music pretty early. In Pretoria, South Africa, he enrolled in Emendy Sound and Music Technology College to study sound engineering. Now his back with a new single called “Energy”

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Lyrics to Energy by Brenden Praise

You got the sauce

[Verse 1: Brandon Young]
Get ready to go on this track there’s no more going back

Write every like it’s your last cause this could be your chance
Better to advance than to just stay in one spot, that’ll get you laughs
So choose wisely your path

Don’t question making a strategy don’t ever do the math
And most certainly remember don’t fucking focus on the cash

Don’t do it for the hoes, don’t do it for the stacks
Put on a show, it’s time to bestow what you know

So you can show what you learned and receive the praise that you earned
I finally appeared from under my rock there’s only one of me
Lose me I’m officially out of stock

We got a limited time on the clock, the clock is ticking tick-tock (Tick-tock)
Now I’m really being tested to see how far I can go
To see how good my energy is, how much I can show

I cannot be disrupted, I need to keep my flow
How can I actually last, only I really know

[Verse 2: CF Sloppy]
So don’t you ever check my energy cuz this entity in my mind is
Desperately full send, you see I’m set to be the best, divine

The world is mine, tie it up drop it off of a ladder, don’t stagger
I’m elden ring you’re sesame and don’t try to flatter mcjagger
I recognize the patterns of life, death in between

Shout out my boy Tyler, I know you’ll make it on the scene
So set me free, too often restrained by honesty
Just let it breathe, I’m the only one with a shot of offing me

And I often see them try to take a shot and miss
I ain’t worried bout me or any politics
Just hoping for a brighter future, look at all the kids
They were only fed lies, its sad to see them fall for it

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