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GENRE: Gospel.
QUALITY: 320 Kbps.
YEAR: 2022.
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Come, let us sing for delight to the LORD; let us yell out loud to the Rock of our salvation. Allow us to precede
him with thanksgiving and praise him with music and tune. For the LORD is the incomparable God, the
incomparable King over all divine beings.

Gospel is the past-days, present-day and the future-to-come guildline to eternity and the prevention to hell, hope
for tomorrow to those with faith and straight to the weak, a double edged sword to the listeners  and also a
visual to the sightless.

Sing aloud gospel songs unto God our strength make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob with gospel melody’s to
an agreeable harmony for the honor of Jehovah and the permissible delights of the soul.

Let his faithful people rejoice in this honor and sing for joy. Gospel Music is Life and the message of  Yahweh to
his People.

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Lyrics to Wonder by Bizzle

I wonder how many are listening now
Sayin’ they feel it but for a milly, they’d kill me and smile
Uh, how many have went ridiculous miles

“To hit a chick and won’t drive 5 minutes to visit their child?
How many sittin’ in prison, missin’ their seed

While the one who really committed the deed is chillin’ and free?
He got stripes for not snitchin’ – indeed

“But I don’t know if “stripes” is something his children can eat
Why if somebody breaks in your car, you ask who did it?
Like if you ask and I answer you, that ain’t snitchin’

“But if he asks and you did it, somehow that’s different
How come the rules change when it’s you in the bad predicament?
Why is it that we treat God like He’s a chick?

“We claim to love Him but just not enough to commit
We take advantage of the fact that He’s just to forgive
But if He ever left you alone, you’d cry like a wimp
Real talk.

“I wonder where we’re going
If we never turn away
Are we just headed for destruction any day?
I wonder how many people alive

“Make a livin’ off of what causes other people to die
And out of those, how many know and eats them alive
But the Beamer they drive is making them keep it inside
Why is it legal to teach people evolution

When it’s only a theory and no one has ever proved it?
So if my child is a believer in a God he can’t bring up in school
Why is it cool for you to confuse him?

Why if I come out with shoes and they’re priced at forty
So I don’t make much off ’em but the hood can afford it
You probably look at them corny

But if I charge two-hundred, you’d probably be waiting in line like you do for them Jordans
Why you wanna keep a good chick and cheat with a bad chick?
But you don’t want your good chick to be like that chick?
And knock whats good for us to chase what’s bad

And neglect what we got for what we can’t have
I wonder where we’re going
If we never turn away

Are we just headed for destruction any day?
Why is alcohol legal and cigarettes cool
As long as the government is gettin’ theirs too
Same reason prostitution is illegal ’til you tape it

And call it pornography and now it’s merely entertainment
Why they sell us fast food, then they sell us weight pills?
Makin’ a mill healing the same one’s they make ill

Why do we fall for it? Why do we complain?
But keep doing the same things – why don’t we change?
Why if you see one pastor that’s phony and fake

You toss Christ out with the church and throw Him away
So I guess when they pull you over based solely on race

Because other black men have stolen, they can hold you to blame?
Why are we so biased? Why do we not care what’s fair
Until it’s us that the injustice bothers?

There’s a lot of poor hoods many turn a blind eye to
Why do you only occupy when the 99 is you

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