Best collection from Solly Moholo

Solly Moholo is a South African gospel singer who is well known for his soulful and powerful voice. He is considered one of the legends of gospel music in South Africa, and has been active in the industry for many years.

Born and raised in South Africa, Moholo began singing at a young age and quickly developed a passion for gospel music. Over the years, he has honed his musical skills and has become known for his powerful performances and emotional delivery.

In addition to his musical talent, Moholo is also known for his contributions to the South African community. He is a devout Christian and has used his music as a platform to spread messages of hope, love, and faith to those in need.

Throughout his career, Moholo has released several albums Ba Mo Kobile Ko Kerekeng 2008, Ke Kolobetswa ‘Die Poppe Sal Dans’ 2009, Ba Mmitsa Tsotsi, 2009, Mandela Difofu Dikgopela Merapelo 2011, 2018, Palamente e Kgopela Merapelo in 2020  and has been recognized for his contributions to gospel music with numerous awards and honors. He continues to tour and perform throughout South Africa and is regarded as a beloved figure in the South African gospel music community.

Grab the tracklists below.

  1. Solly Moholo –  Ke Latlhile Bokinza || Mp3 Download 
  2. Solly Moholo –  Tsoha Jonase Nice Time Ya Bolaya || Mp3 Download 
  3. Solly Moholo –  Mandela O llela Bana || Mp3 Download 
  4. Solly Moholo –  Ba Mmitsa Tsotsi || Mp3 Download 
  5. Solly Moholo – Robala ka Kgotso || Mp3 Download 
  6. Solly Moholo –  Moruti Nthapelele || Mp3 Download 
  7. Solly Moholo – O A Ntaela Moya || Mp3 Download 
  8. Solly Moholo –  Ranta E Wele || Mp3 Download 
  9. Solly Moholo –  Tlong Ho Jeso || Mp3 Download 
  10. Solly Moholo –  Na le Lakatsa Ho Tseba || Mp3 Download 
  11. Solly Moholo –  Ntate Nthome || Mp3 Download 
  12. Solly Moholo –  Ho Monate Mo Kerekeng || Mp3 Download 
  13. Solly Moholo –  Mugabe le Tsvangirai Tsonga Zimbabwe || Mp3 Download 
  14. Solly Moholo – Mosamarea || Mp3 Download 
  15. Solly Moholo –  Calvary || Mp3 Download 
  16. Solly Moholo –  Tshwara Mo Ratang Mfundisi || Mp3 Download