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Biography of Rebecca Malope (The Queen of Gospel)

Rebecca Malope

Rebecca Malope Age, Career, Family and Marital Status.

Batsogile Lovederia Rebecca Malope popularly known as “Rebecca Malope” was born on June 30, 1968. She is a famous South African gospel singer who is known as “The Queen of Gospel.” Her music career spans more than three decades during which she has sold at least 10 million albums worldwide, making her one of the best-selling gospel artists of all time and most of the 36 albums she has released have reached multi-platinum status.

Rebecca Malope was born in Lekazi near Neslpruit in Mpumalanga. In her early age she was confined to a wheelchair after an illness; doctors believed she would be unable to walk on her own, but God came through for her. As a child, she and her sisters sang hymns in their local church. Later, as a teen, she joined a gospel group which eventually led her to Johannesburg, where she was brought to the attention of producer Sizwe Zakho.

In 1992, Malope released a full gospel album Rebecca Sings Gospel. The album was well received by music critics, media, and fans, and widened her fame. She was the first gospel artist whose songs were played along with mainstream music like pop and Afrikaans music.

Following the success of Rebecca Sings Gospel, in 1993 “Ngiyekeleni” was released, and followed the same success as her previous album. In 1994, she released “Umoya Wam” whose title track is known as Malope’s signature song. The album surpassed her previous records in terms of sales. Malope won the Coca-Cola Full Blast Music Show Best Established Local Artist award with a record of 10 million votes by listeners.

She won Best Contemporary Gospel Album at the first South African Music Awards in 1995. The album was dedicated to peace in South Africa as it transitioned to democracy in 1994. In 1996, she released “Shwele Baba”; it broke records at the time becoming the fastest-selling album in South Africa, selling 100,000 units within three weeks of release.

Malope has released 36 albums in a musical career spanning more than 30 years to date. In 2009, she released her 30th album, titled “My Hero”, containing double CDs. In April 2010, she released her 31st album Uzohamba Nami. On 14 March 2011, Malope released her 32nd album, Ukuthula (which means “Peace”). She was quoted in a local newspaper saying: “In Ukuthula, people must expect rejuvenating sounds and I love the whole album. I decided on that name after thinking about the state the world is in today. People have no peace. There is war everywhere, even in churches. I want people to come together and more importantly have peace in their lives, so that we can have peace in the world.”

Malope is married to Themba Tshabalala.

She hosted her own syndicated television show, It’s Gospel Time, between 2004 and 2019. In 2013 she was one of the judges in Clash of Choirs South Africa.

In 2021, President Cyril Ramaphosa honoured her with the Order of Ikhamanga (OIS), for her distinguished contribution to South African music.

Below is a list of Rebecca Malope’s albums:

1. Rebecca (1987)
2. “Woza Lovey” (1988)
3. “Thank You Very Much” (1989)
4. Six of the best (1989)
5. Saturday Nite (1991)
6. Buyani (1990)
7. Rebecca Sings Gospel (1992)
8. Ngiyekeleni (1993)
9. Umoya Wam (1994)
10. Uzube Nam (1995)
11. Shwele Baba (1996)
12. Live at the State Theatre (1996)
13. Angingedwa (1997)
14. Free at Last: South African Gospel (1997)
15. Somlandela (1998)
16. Ukholo lwam (1999)
17. Siyabonga (2000)
18. Christmas with Rebecca and Friends (2000)
19. Sabel’ Uyabizwa (2001)
20. Iyahamba Lenqola (2002)
21. Hlala Nami (2003)
22. The Queen of Gospel and the Village Pope (2004)
23. Qaphelani (2005)
24. The Greatest Hits (2005)
25. Umthombo (2006)
26. Live in Soweto (DVD) (2006)
Live in Soweto (CD) (2007)
27. Amakholwa (2007)
28. Ujehova Ungu’madida (2008)
29. African Classics (2009)
30. My Hero (2009)
Live at the Lyric Theatre (DVD) (2010)
31. Uzohamba Nami (2010)
32. Ukuthula (2011)
33. Rebecca Live Concert ft Tshwane Gospel Choir (CD) (2012)
Rebecca Live Concert ft Tshwane Gospel Choir (DVD) (2012)
34. Bayos’ khomba(2013)
35. AmaVIP (2014)
36. Lord You Are Good (2019)