Lyrics: Fivio Foreign – Confidence Ft AS$P Rocky

Fivio Foreign

Intro: A$AP Rocky & Fivio Foreign
Rap niggas only in the trap, trap, trap, trap, trap, trap (Woo)
Rap niggas only in the trap, trap, trap, trap, trap, trap (Woo)
Yeah, yeah (Uh)
Yeah, yeah (Oh)
Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah

Verse 1: A$AP Rocky & Fivio Foreign

All Hail Mary (Uh), Billie Jean
It’s about to get real scary (Baow)
They don’t want beef, all dairy
Hundred thousand how I talk on celly, ordinary
Ain’t nothing they can talk and tell me

Bad man, picture perfect like Mohr and Getty (Baow, baow)
Getting my focus on, aim it, pop up like toasters on ’em (Boaw)
Smell me like Folgers, uh, don’t come here with that bullshit

Verse 2: Fivio Foreign
I put the locals on them niggas
They was laughing at me, now the joke is on ’em, huh
I told my shooters to focus on ’em (Baow)

And the old niggas make the culture boring (Uh, yeah)
I tell lil’ mami to hold off (Yeah, I tell lil’ mami to hold off, ha)
I take a perc’ and I doze off, huh (Uh)
I drink the liquor and go raw

Nigga, my body different, my body gon’ go more
We spinning the whole floor (Skrrt)
Should’ve seen we shooting through both doors (Baow)
You either win or you lose, it ain’t no draws (Uh)
Nigga, I got the soldiers coming (Woo)
You can get it for the low or nothing, yeah (Woo, lil’ bitch)

Verse 3: A$AP Rocky & Fivio Foreign
Put on my broach or something, bitch (Bitch)
Take on my coat for nothing, pimp (Pimp)
Limp when I walk, I’m stunting, drip (Woo)
Fuck with my bro with something, bitch (Woo)
Who let the faucet running? Drip, drip (Drip, drip, drip)
Gnarly shit, rockstar, pop molly shit
Yeah, braids in so long, like dreads on my Bob Marley shit
Uh, pop tags, floor’s Prada like a partnership

Would’ve thought the nigga started it (Uh)
Your drip more like A$AP Rocky starter kit (Woo)
Nigga, slide on her then I politic (Yeah)
She seeing stars like astrologist (Uh)
Beat the pussy, she ain’t charge me shit (Bitch, bitch)
Finessing (Nah), c-common sense with the scholarship (Yeah)
I’m the opposite of modest is (Uh), caught ’em lacking that confidence, yeah