Wondering why you feel sleepy after eating? Here’s what food coma can explain



Though it’s not an everyday phenomenon, we all fall prey to sleep after having a filling and tasteful meal.

Have you ever wondered why it happens? Well, in simple language it is called ‘Food Coma’ or ‘Carb Coma’. In medical language, it is called ‘Postprandial Somnolence’.

Why does it happen?
When you eat a meal high in carbohydrates it results in a spike in insulin. Next, the insulin makes more tryptophan entre the brain and further it converts into serotonin that makes you feel good and then melatonin that makes you feel sleepy.

What happens in the digestive system?
When you eat, the stomach produces gastric hormones that trigger the release of digestive juices and the breaking of food into easily digestible particles begins. The broken-down food then moves to the small intestine. At the same time, the pancreas release insulin that helps absorb glucose from the carbohydrates in the meal. And finally, the insulin sends tryptophan chemical into the brain that leads to drowsiness.

Is it avoidable?
According to experts, the best way to avoid food coma is to observe your meal and eat in a set pattern so that the internal processes are under control and even after eating heavy you don’t feel drowsy. Here are a few ways to do it smartly.

1. Don’t overeat

You need to watch your portion size strictly. Also, make sure that you eat at regular intervals. Eating randomly may cause harm to the body. It is necessary to let leptin rise naturally and you should reduce it with a balanced diet.

2. Balance your meal

Now that you know the reason behind feeling drowsy; make sure that you consume carbs in a balanced manner. Also, make sure that you eat all sorts of food, as they all contain some essential nutrients that your body needs.

3. Avoid vegging out

The idea of walking for a while after eating food is to let the food break and settle easily. After having the meal it is suggested to be moderately active as it helps promote better blood sugar control.