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Traveling can be both scary and exhilarating, with so much to explore and learn. It reminds us how vast our planet really is, and there is a deeply spiritual aspect to it. For Christians, traveling is an opportunity to reconnect with God in unexpected ways. Certain locations have the power to open our minds and hearts to new perspectives on Christ and his teachings, whether through their natural beauty or historical significance for Christianity. These destinations allow visitors to seek Jesus with renewed clarity and openness.”

Christ of the Abyss

1. Christ of the Abyss – Key Largo, Florida

Maybe you’re searching for something off the beaten path. An experience which not only touches you spiritually, but also calls you out of your element. In that case, consider charting a course for Christ of the Abyss. This submerged bronze statue of Jesus can actually be found in several locations around the globe. The original is located near the San Fruttuoso abbey off the Italian Riviera. For those looking to remain stateside, a copy of the statue can be visited in the Florida Keys, described by many as the Dive Capital of the World.


2. Jerusalem – Israel

It would be  grievous not to include this biblical landmark on a list of spiritual destinations. After all, no other city on Earth holds such significance for Christian travelers. In Jerusalem, believers can experience the richness of scripture firsthand. Sites like The Mount of Olives, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and Pool of Bethesda are just a few locations mentioned throughout the Bible by name. That alone would be enough to stir the emotions of any Christian, but given Jerusalem’s prominent role in Christ’s crucifixion, the entire area could be considered a faith-building experience.

Vatican City

3. Vatican City

Whether or not a believer identifies as Catholic, there’s no denying Vatican City holds an important place within Christian history. The capital has long served as a formative center for Christian thought, philosophy, and artwork. Nowhere is this more apparent than inside the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s masterpiece of renaissance craftsmanship. Other cultural sites include St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pinacoteca Gallery, and various monuments dedicated to Catholic saints. In the end, Vatican City offers christians a unique look back into our religious past, one undertaken through astounding art, magnificent architecture, and ecclesiastical traditions.

Sagrada Família

4. Sagrada Família – Barcelona, Spain

Designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, the Sagrada Família is a large cathedral resting in the heart of downtown Barcelona. Scenes from the nativity grace one side of the church, where lush images of nature and Christ’s birth are molded delicately into the stonework. On the opposing end, the crucifixion of Jesus is depicted in stark and jagged detail. Visitors will likely be overwhelmed by a sense of awe and wonder as they step lightly through this towering structure. Not only is the Sagrada Família a marvel to behold, it’s perhaps one of the most unique and thoughtful portrayals of the gospel to date.

The Ten Boom Museum

5. The Ten Boom Museum – Haarlem, Netherlands

It would be hard to understate the faith and accomplishments of Corrie ten Boom. During the Nazi occupation of Haarlem in 1942, The ten Boom family shop became a safe haven for Jews and resistance members seeking shelter from German forces. Thanks to their vast connection of church charities and watchmaker circles, the ten Booms were instrumental in smuggling countless refugees to safety until they were eventually betrayed some years later. While Corrie ten Boom would go on to write about the experience in her famous book, The Hiding Place, the shop has since been restored and converted into a museum. This small building now serves as a memorial to holocaust victims, as well as the family who lived out their faith in God through courage and sacrifice.


6. Glendalough – County Wicklow, Ireland

Glendalough is remarkable for its simplicity. This austere monastery was first founded in the 6th century by St. Kevin, who often withdrew to the area for prayer and contemplation. Glendalough lies tucked away in a quiet corner of Ireland where visitors are encouraged to seek God through solitude and reflection. Numerous trails about the tiny settlement (which once served as a pilgrimage stop for medieval Christians) provide modern travelers with a useful retreat of their own. For a believer seeking to reconnect with God in the stillness of nature, Glendalough offers a welcome respite from the distractions of our world.

The Northern Lights

7. The Northern Lights (or any natural wonder)

Scripture tells us that all of creation testifies to the glory and power of our Creator (Romans 1:20). So what better way to seek God than by appreciating the work of his hands? Take an evening to soak in the beauty of the Northern Lights. Walk the slopes of Mount Everest and marvel at its height, or enjoy the lush green majesty of a National Park. Learn how you can help protect areas such as the Great Barrier Reef from pollution, and be active in preserving them for future generations. Natural wonders like the Grand Canyon reflect God’s creative might and remind us how He takes great joy in the wonders of our world. (Genesis 1:31).


8. Oxford – England, United Kingdom

For the intellectual traveler, a trip through Oxford might just be the ticket to expanding your scholarly horizons. This is particularly true if you’re a fan of C.S. Lewis. As the hometown of this renowned Christian author, Oxford boasts a wealth of educational programs dedicated to the faith and writings of C.S. Lewis.

The Cave Churches of Cappadocia

9. The Cave Churches of Cappadocia – Göreme, Turkey

In the 4th century Cappadocia became known as the “Land of the Three Saints” thanks to the remarkable work of Christian theologians. In particular, the site was instrumental to the development of Christian monasticism, which in turn led to the creation of spectacular cave churches. Now rechristened as the Göreme Open Air Museum, the area features over 10 elaborate cave churches, along with rectories, dwellings, and religious murals. The level of skill on display is truly remarkable, and one can’t help but imagine the life of these devoted monks as they strove to know God within such walls of stone.

Museum of the Bible

10. Museum of the Bible – Washington D.C.

This minted institution is the go-to spot for Christians traversing the East Coast of the United States. The museum first opened its doors in 2017, and seeks to educate visitors on the narrative, history, and worldwide impact of Christian scripture. As a result, the museum has acquired an impressive collection of biblical artifacts and texts through collaborations with private donors, exhibitions, and other museums. Whether it’s discovering the history behind 17th century hymns like “Amazing Grace”, or understanding the roots of modern day protestant theology, the Museum of the Bible offers a comprehensive and balanced introduction to all things Biblical.

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