Tips On Maintaining The Freshness Of Your Veggies



If you are one of those that prepping up vegetable while cooking seems like a big task to work on, then this post is for you. You can actually prep your vegetables days before the actual cooking is done but there are down parts to it if you don’t store properly.

Your vegetable might spoil before you make use of it and that’s why we curated this list of hacks you can use in storing your veggies to avoid spoilage before use.

1. Store them Separately

Some vegetables tend to release ethylene gas which accelerates their ripening and might contaminate other vegetables during this period. You should store ethylene-producing vegetables like tomatoes, avocados and bananas severally from more sensitive vegetables like broccoli, leafy greens and carrots to prevent spoiling prematurely.

2. Airtight containers

Making use of airtight containers or ziplock bags when storing your vegetables. Endeavor to remove excess air from the container or zip lock bags to reduce oxidation which can cause vegetables to spoil.

3. Blanching

Blanch vegetables that can be blanched and then run them through ice cold water. Air dry them and store in a container inside your refrigerator. Bring them out the day you want to make use of them and then thaw it before cooking.

4. Do not wash them

Washing vegetables that you intend to store for a long period of time tend to cause spoilt and rotten veggies. Due to its exposure to moisture, It leads to faster spoilage. To avoid this, cut up your vegetables and just store it in a ziplock bag. You can now wash thoroughly whenever you want to use it.

5. Keep the vegetables dry

Moisture leads to bacteria and molds in vegetables. It very important to cut your vegetables dry. You can dry them before storing in containers by using towels or paper towels. Placing paper towels at the bottom of containers helps in absorbing moistures too.