Things that happens to your body when you start fasting


Did you know that a majority (more than 61%) of individuals choose to skip breakfast, inadvertently aligning with the rising trend of intermittent fasting? This practice involves restricting food intake during specific periods.
Fasting has gained popularity due to its associated benefits like weight management, increased focus, and potential longevity. However, adapting to this lifestyle can pose challenges. Fasting is not a mere diet but rather a lifestyle choice. Discovering what suits your body can lead to significant improvements in your life! Here are five transformations to anticipate when embarking on fasting

1. Alterations in body shape: Fasting, contingent upon its duration and type, stimulates fat loss by utilizing stored fat for energy. Managing intake during non-fasting periods while meeting nutritional needs is crucial.

2. Enhanced mental clarity: Fasting aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels, preventing fluctuations that may cause mental haziness. Prolonged fasts (12+ hours) might increase focus as the body switches to using ketones for energy when glycogen stores are depleted.

3. Battle against bingeing: Post long fasting periods, intense cravings might tempt binge eating. Planning satisfying and nutritious non-fasting meals beforehand helps counteract this. Adequate sleep is also vital as it curbs hunger and cravings.

4. Fluctuating energy levels: When contemplating exercise during fasting, one might feel depleted. Opting for low-intensity activities that don’t rely heavily on glucose for fuel is recommended, along with ensuring proper hydration to combat fatigue.

5. Reduced risk of chronic diseases: Fasting has shown potential in enhancing insulin sensitivity, reducing inflammation, and aiding cellular repair, says Sophie. This is partly attributed to autophagy, a process stimulated during fasting, which facilitates the removal of damaged cells and overall cell improvement.

Scientific debate surrounds the onset of autophagy, with some experiencing it as early as 14 hours into fasting.

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