Why You Should save your rice water: Benefits

Rice Water

You might be shocked to know that Rice water actually promotes hair growth and has been in use since the early years.
But today, it’s gaining recognition as a skin treatment which makes skin care routine less expensive. It evens the face and neck, tones the skin and can also improve skin conditions. It can protect and repair your skin.

Here are the benefits of rice water

1. It lightens the skin

Rice water has been recommended as a means to lighten and reduce dark patches on our skin. Some of this products like soap, toners etc.. contain rice water. Some people acknowledge the lightening capabilities of rice water because of the chemicals known to lighten pigment in it but still there’s no study to back up how effective.

Rice water helps in the increment of collagen in the skin which in turn makes it supple and helps in prevention of wrinkling. It is said to have sunscreen qualities in it. Rice water especially the fermented ones helps with anti-aging due to its antioxidant properties.

2. For dry skin

It helps with skin irritation which is caused by sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) that is normally found in care products. Making use of rice water twice a day helps in recovering dry and damaged skin.

3. For repairing Damaged hair

Bleached hairs can be repaired through a chemical found in rice water known as Inositol which helps in repairing damaged hair from to roots to the ends.

4. Digestive problems

Drinking rice water helps in diarrhea because it contains some traces of arsenic in it. It may interest you to also know that drinking rice water with concentration of arsenic is bad to your health and may cause vascular diseases, hypertension etc..

5. Eczema, acne, rashes, and inflammation

Application of rice water can soothe the skin and clear up blemishes that was caused by skin conditions like eczema. However there is no sufficient works to back up these claims.

6. Sun damage protection

Rice water consists of chemicals that can help protect the skin from sun rays. It is said to be as effective as sunscreens can ve when it is mixed with plants extracts.

Steps on getting rice water for usage

By boiling rice in water

After rinsing and draining the rice properly, You are to use about four times more water than rice to boil. Begin to stir the water and rice together until its done. Bring it down and press down the rice in other to extract the needed chemicals. Strain properly with a sieve and refrigerate the water using an airtight container for some weeks. Remember to dilute with plain water before usage.

Soaking the rice in water

Rice water can also be produced by soaking your rice inside water. You can make use of the boiling process but instead of boiling rice and water, you let it soak inside water for minimum of 30 minutes before you can press or strain it. The finally procedure is refrigeration.

Fermenting of rice in water

Making of fermented rice water is the same procedure as to the soaking rice in water. But instead of refrigerating after pressing and straining the water, You keep it in a jar for like one or two days(Room temperature). When it starts producing a sour smell, you can then refrigerate. Don’t forget to dilute with plain water before usage.

How Rice Water can be used

It can be applied directly into your skin or hair. Dilute first with plain water if it was boiled or fermented. You can add fragrance or natural ingredients of your preference.

Rinsing of Hair

Add hair essential oil into your homemade rice water, which in turn will give it a pleasant aroma. Then you apply the water into your scalp and hair ends. You can leave it for at least 10 mins before you rinse out your hair.


To get your shampoo, You can add your liquid soap into the water, make a choice of the aloe Vera you want to add, don’t forget your chamomile tea and an essential oil.

Used in a Facial cleanser and toner

For a toner, Add a small amount of rice water on a cotton, smooth it over gently on your face and neck.
For cleanser, massage into skin your rice water and rinse if you want to.

Used in a Body scrub

Adding of sea salt, oils and citrus into your water can result to a nice exfoliant. All you need to do is to rub on your body and rinse off.

Used In Sunscreens

Rice water extracts in sunscreens can help in improved protection from sun rays. Getting sunscreens that contain rice water extracts can improve protection from the sun’s rays. Sunscreens that has in it rice bran extracts and other plant extracts tend to have improved UVA/UVB protection.

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