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Positive and Negative Consequences of Child Discipline

Sep 15, 2022

Consequences of Child Discipline

Discipline could be seen as the practice of training people including children, adults etc to obey certain rules by using punishment to correct any form of disobedience observed. Discipline, has an advantage of inculcating good morals in the life of an individual there by making him or her a good responsible citizen in the society.

When we talk about good home discipline, we refer to the way of teaching, guiding and inculcating good morals or conducts in the life of our children thereby letting them know what behavior is acceptable in the society.

Children are actually very special beings to every family and it is truly the duty of both the mother and father to put in their possible best in giving them that informal education they really deserve.

The way a child is being brought up in the society truly has a way of affecting the family of that child and also to the nation at large. For instance, a child who is trained radically in the society will obviously grow to become a nuisance to both the parents and the society thereby increasing crime rate in the country.

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It is quite clear that in various countries today, there are people who engage themselves in evil vices such as kidnapping, armed robbery, cyber crimes etc. These people who engage themselves into these vices were once children and obviously, during their childhood days their parents actually failed in giving them that good home discipline that was truly needed for their upbringing.

Giving a child a good home discipline has a way of decreasing crime rate in the society. When a child is being giving that positive home discipline, that child becomes very responsible to the family there by showing off responsible characteristics to the country at large.

When parents or adults offer their kids positive or negative consequences, kids grow and learn. Whenever a child is being observed going into the wrong direction it is expected for the parents of that child to stand as an opposition to that child. In so doing, you are actually making the child to become a good and responsible citizen in the country.

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A country with good and responsible individuals in it, will always be free from various criminal activities which may seem to arise. Eradication of criminal activities from a country is not a duty for the government alone, the parents also has a role to play in the eradication of criminal activities.

So therefore, it is expected of parents to always try their possible best in playing a better role in giving their children a good home discipline in other to help eradicate criminal activities in the country.

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