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How living near water helps people feel less Anxious and Depressed.

Jun 2, 2023

A recent study found that those who live near water have greater mental health than people who live inland.

A study that looked at data from nearly 26,000 English people was published in the journal Health & Place. It found that people who live close to the ocean are 22% less likely to report problems like depression and anxiety than people who live about 30 miles away from the water.

Coastal living can be particularly beneficial for low-income households, who are 40% less likely to display signs of mental illness if they live close to the water than those who do not, according to researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School. income level who live more inland.

The results are particularly pertinent given the size of the problem: According to the National Council for Behavioral Health, about half of American adults will go through mental illness at some point in theanxious and depressedir lives.

The study’s chief author, Jo Garrett, told the British news site BT that this “protective” zone of coastal life “could play a useful role in helping to level the playing field between those on high and low income.”

The findings, according to researchers, is consistent with earlier studies indicating the advantages of access to nature for mental health.

For governments to maintain, create, and promote the usage of natural water bodies, “this kind of research into blue health,” or the impacts of interacting with them,

lack a beach house close by? Find any body of water, actually. According to marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols, author of the book “Blue Mind,” previous studies have shown that spending any amount of time “near, in, on, or under water” lowers stress and anxiety, increases our well-being and happiness, and lowers our heart and breathing rates, among other advantages.

“Our ancestors were on the move, and finding water was a matter of life or death,” Nichols told USA Today. There is virtually no drawback to giving in to our love of water completely and frequently, despite the fact that the good responses to water from all of our senses are very adaptive.

Our advice to you is for you to buy your next property close to a river side area. Lol.

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