Hacks to save money when eating at a restaurant


Savings hacks

Nowadays, eating out is pricey. You must be prepared to spend enough money to purchase a luxury purse or perhaps a little piece of jewelry in order to enjoy a dinner that includes soup, starters, a main dish, and dessert!

Do you too feel bad after every meal for overspending on food that you could have made at home for a fraction of the cost?

However, you might be surprised to learn that there are a few straightforward maxims that might reduce the cost of dining out.

Anyone may use these simple strategies to cut costs when dining out.

1. Look for discounts

There are various food apps offering deals and discounts that you can use. Also, if you are a student, don’t forget to ask for an extra discount by showing your college ID card.

2. Learn to control portion

If you eat less or are not really very hungry, it is a good idea to order an appetizer as meal. They are priced less and also leave space for dessert.

3. Drink normal water

The concept of packaged or sparkling water is totally a waste. All good eating joints have RO water filters. We agree that they are hygienic and good for the body, but drinking such water once in a while is not going to change anything in your immune system. It can surely make a hole in your pocket.

4. Plan beforehand

Always take advantage of weekday special offers and check the online info of your favorite restaurants. You can check for combo meals and if you are lucky, you might get your favorite wine at half the cost.

5. Avoid visiting on special days and holidays

Eating out on Friendship Day or Valentine’s Day is always a bad idea. If you don’t know, the food charges are exorbitant and you end up paying double the amount. Also, due to heavy footfall, the food quality is not good at the restaurants on special days and hence you do not get value for money.

6. Always cross check the bill

When you ask for the bill, make sure that you cross check it before handing over the card to the waiter. You might have been charged for something you did not even order. So, beware and attentive!

7. Celebrate birthday at restaurant

If you have observed, restaurants ask you to fill a feedback form that carries your birth date. These days many restaurants provide free couple meals and give heavy discounts. So, in case you have cash crunch near the date, utilize the opportunity and relish the flavours.

8. Utilize happy hours

If you are ready to have your dinner before 7 pm in the evening, then the trend of happy hours is meant for you. During this time, you might get your drink for free and appetizers at half the cost.

9. Skip a course

At high-end restaurants, you can easily skip the starters and combine your favourite drink with the main course. This way you not only save money but can also manage to order dessert.