Egg shortage? No worries, try these Alternative proteins instead



Many grocery retailers in South Africa are dealing with Avian flu(bird flu) which has led to a shortage in their egg and chicken produce.
Some stores have limited the quantity of eggs a customer can purchase in their store.

SAPA which is South African Poultry Association general manager Izaak Breitenbach made a statement saying that for commercial layer birds, more than five million has been culled and for broilers, more than 2.5 million broilers has been culled. Also be rest assured that infected chickens won’t reach the market.

As we know, Chicken and eggs are seen as the vital source of protein. This write up is to inform you that there are other higher source of proteins rather than chicken and eggs.

This list below identifies other sources of protein acquisition.

1. Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms became quite popular for its use to be substituted as a burger. Mushrooms can do so much more when it is chopped, sliced or grounded. It provides a meaty texture and also a smoky, earthy flavor that can be substituted for meat.

2. Chia seeds

You can take chia seeds by mixing them into your smoothies, chia puddings or oats. It can also go with salad dressings , granola or vegetable burgers.

3. Grains

Brown rice with beans in it or even bread with nut butter in it can give you as much protein as a piece of meat can give you. Also Whole-grain bread has more protein in it.

4. Beef

Beef is equally a very rich protein source. It can be part of your diet but make sure you moderate the way you eat them. High amount of red meat or beef intake can lead to long term health issues. You can moderate eating it and focus on plant based protein sources or fish.

5. Eggplant

It offers a savory and earthy flavor and also a meaty texture. It may interest you to know that this egg plant is a vegetable and it has versatility in its preparation method. You can grill, bake or stir fry and even stuff it like you would do to a chicken breast.

Protein is essential for your health because it keeps you satisfied and full which is a good factor for a healthy body weight. You can talk with a nutritionist to know what to add or subtract from your diet.

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