Abuse and effects of Antibiotics



What are Antibiotics ?
Antibiotics are correct drugs used to kill infections diseases coursed by bacteria in our body. Antibiotics can also be referred to as those medicines that are used to fight bacterial infection.

Antibiotic resistant.
Bacteria are germs that are not killed by commonly used antibiotics. When bacteria ‘outsmart’ the antibiotics because the antibiotics were not taken as prescribed or the antibiotics were not strong enough for the bacteria ,hence the bacteria grow resistant to the antibiotic.

How Antibiotics are being abused.
1.When it is taken without being prescribed by a medical personnel .
2.When the complete prescription is not taken as prescribed by the medical personnel.
3. When antibiotics is saved for later use.

Effects of Antibiotics.
1. Bacterial resistant
2. Diseases difficult to treat
3. Epidemic
4. Death .

What to do to avoid Antibiotic abuse.
1. To be used only when a health care professional prescribes (not by self medication)
2. Never use antibiotics for viral infections.
3. Sensitize the public on the dangerous effect of self antibiotic medication.
4. Strict enforcement and adherence to existing regulations as regards antibiotic dispensation.
5. Constant hand washing to avoid infection.

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