8 simple kitchen Tips that can remove excess oil from your Food

Oily foods

When indulging in our favorite fried delights like chickens, yam, potatoes or curries. The excess oil often makes us wary of our calorie intake. But do we have to sacrifice taste to reduce this excess oil? Not at all. There are effective ways to trim down the oil content without compromising flavor. While it’s impossible to eliminate oil entirely, several methods can significantly reduce it, making your dishes healthier. Here are eight simple yet effective tips to remove excess oil from your cooked food.

1. Utilize Paper Towels: For fried foods like chicken and samosas, place them on absorbent paper or a paper towel after cooking and gently pat them. This absorbs most of the extra oil, leaving your crispy dish less greasy.

2. Fry at the Right Temperature: Frying at around 220 degrees C prevents excessive oil absorption. Maintaining this temperature ensures your food absorbs less oil and cooks evenly.

3. Soak with Napkin While Cooking: If you accidentally pour too much oil, use a napkin to absorb the excess from the dish, saving your effort from going to waste.

4. Opt for Ceramic or Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware: Quality cookware like ceramic or seasoned cast iron requires less oil and prevents food from sticking to the bottom, making your cooking healthier and chemical-free.

5. Skim Off Fat When Cold: Refrigerate dishes like soups or curries after cooking. Once cold, the fat solidifies on the surface, forming a layer that can be easily skimmed off before reheating.

6. Choose Alternative Cooking Methods: Baking or grilling, although not as indulgent as frying, can be healthier alternatives. These methods use less oil and work well for meat, vegetables, fries, and chips.

7. Try the Ice Cube Trick: Dip a large ice cube into the cooked gravy dish. Excess oil collects at the bottom of the ice; remove it along with the ice, effectively reducing the oil content.

8. Scoop Out with a Ladle: For curries with a layer of oil floating on top, use a ladle to press against the dish and scoop out the excess oil. This common practice helps make your curry less oily and more enjoyable.