5 Things to have in mind whenever you feel broken inside



Life often pushes us to our limits, and there are moments when it becomes overwhelmingly burdensome, leading us to plunge into a profound abyss of hopelessness and despair. Experiencing this sense of being shattered doesn’t imply surrender; instead, it signifies the need to pause and allow these emotions to surface.

It’s common for all of us to feel broken at times, especially when life subjects us to heartbreak and fear-inducing experiences. However, these challenging lessons contribute to our resilience, empowering us to navigate life’s complexities. Embrace your brokenness as a transformative gift that facilitates personal growth. Here are five essential reminders for times when you feel shattered within:

1. Recognize that cracks pave the way for light

Embracing moments of brokenness allows light to seep into your soul. These distressing experiences enable us to discern the goodness in the world and undergo soul-altering transformations. Without occasional challenging encounters, we’d lack opportunities for growth and resilience.

2. Embrace and respect your emotions without resistance

There’s no shame in experiencing heavy or negative emotions; they’re intrinsic to our humanity. Certain situations provoke strong reactions, necessitating moments of tears, outbursts, or emotional vulnerability. Suppressing these feelings only leads to eventual repercussions. Never conceal your emotions out of fear of judgment.

3. Stay connected to your “why.”

In times of hardship, it’s easy to lose sight of our life’s purpose. We’re all here to love wholeheartedly and elevate the planet’s energy collectively. Amidst feeling broken, hardships add depth to our life’s mission. Reflect on how adversities enrich your perspective, enabling you to better fulfill your purpose on Earth.

4. Acknowledge the existence beyond your shattered state

Feeling broken doesn’t color the entire world in despair. Broaden your outlook during tough times. Focus on the myriad beautiful things you can still experience despite feeling shattered. Remember the positivity that coexists with your temporary slump, illuminating the world beyond its perceived darkness.

5. Cherish the support of friends and family

When life takes a toll, your loved ones become pillars of comfort and support. Don’t hesitate to seek their assistance during challenging phases. If you feel burdensome, remember the times you stood by them; those who care about you would eagerly reciprocate the support in your time of need.

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