10 Things You will Learn From Being Employed


Everyone aspires to secure a source of income, whether it involves self-employment or working for someone else. While employment serves as a means to meet financial needs, it also sheds light on certain unexpected challenges.

1. Generating income requires initial investment: Despite seeking employment for income, there’s a continual need for funds, encompassing expenses like transportation, meals, and attire. The irony emerges as one works to earn money, only to spend the earnings to sustain work.

2. Mondays become more daunting: If the job solely serves as a means of survival, Mondays might become more burdensome than during periods of unemployment. Engaging in work that lacks passion or fulfillment proves to be a challenge, regardless of its simplicity.

3. Salary sustenance is limited: Consistently working daily, yet receiving payment monthly, renders salaries inadequate to support expenses throughout the month.

4. Payday doesn’t ensure financial stability: The monthly pay cycle versus daily needs often leads to impulsive purchases or reliance on credit, resulting in financial strain before the arrival of the salary.

5. Dignity and peace outweigh monetary gains: Desperation for a job might lead to exaggerations in a CV, but the reality sets in once employed. The job’s impact on mental health and inner peace underscores the value of intangible aspects over financial gain.

6. Pondering alternative income sources: Inability of salaries to cover expenses triggers the pursuit of additional income avenues to sustain employment.

7. Prioritizing health: A single health crisis can deplete savings. Investing hard-earned money on medical treatments emphasizes the importance of maintaining good health.

8. Recognizing the significance of relaxation: Failure to relax results in health issues, further stressing one’s financial situation.

9. Concealing employment status: When surrounded by people seeking financial assistance, some individuals opt to hide their job status to avoid undue financial pressure.

10. Acknowledging parental efforts: Observing the swift flow of money in and out of accounts prompts appreciation for parental sacrifices and the recognition that their efforts were commendable and challenging.

Despite these challenges, it doesn’t imply that unemployment is a preferable choice. Life’s complexities persist, and the key lies in finding ways to appreciate and embrace its nuances.