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Why I Use My Home Language in My Songs – Selaelo Selota


When most people get into music they abandon their home language and use English. In the case of legendary star Selaelo Selota things were different, he was adamant on using his language on his music to prove the pride and love of his roots.

“I realised that in order for me to amplify my message and identity in my music, it was only going to happen if I stuck to my mother tongue.

“It isn’t because I don’t like other languages but it is because I knew that if I really want to express my inner feelings, a foreign language wouldn’t do my gift justice,”

He told reporters.

He added that watching his people live, dance and enjoy life inspired most of his songs and he hoped that through his music some heritage would be protected.

“I hope that my music will be archived and made available for generations to come so they can learn from the way the core of my identity comes through in every song.

“The rhythm in the Pedi people’s dinaka dance (a traditional dance) for example is something that so unique to my home.

If you look at how they support the rhythm of the drums with their dance, you will be amazed.”.

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