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Joyce Meyer celebrates 80th Birthday


Today marks the 80th year of Joyce Meyer on earth, Joyce Meyer who is the president Joyce Meyer Ministries.
Missouri, USA. As a Mother, Sister and a wife, we celebrate not only the day you were born into this world but also the incredible woman of God you have become.

All who know you have been inspired by your path of faith, fidelity, and love for the Lord. We wish to recognize and appreciate the extraordinary influence you have had on your generation on this important day.

Your steadfast faith, profound wisdom, and kind heart are a direct reflection of God’s love. You have impacted countless lives and given those in need hope via your words, deeds, and the light that emanates from within you.

Happy birthday, Dear Woman of God! May this year be one of increased anointing, deeper intimacy with the Lord and countless opportunities to make a difference.

Thank you for being an extraordinary example of a woman of God

Congratulations Ma ( Joyce Meyer)

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