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Video: Spirit Of Praise – Thath’Indawo ft. Mpumi Mtsweni


spirit of praise

Video: Spirit Of Praise – Thath’Indawo featuring Mpumi Mtsweni

Spirit of Praise, a South African gospel music group, released the song “Thath’Indawo” as a gospel song. The song’s title translates to “Take that Place” in English and is sung in isiZulu, one of South Africa’s official languages.

The song opens with a lovely piano melody, which is followed by the lead singer’s dynamic vocal delivery. The song’s lyrics exhort listeners to claim their due place in God’s kingdom and to live according to God’s promises.

The term “Thath’Indawo” appears numerous times in the song’s chorus, underscoring the significance of occupying that space and laying claim to God’s promises. A boisterous choir provides musical accompaniment, and the entire effect is one of joy and celebration.

Fans of South African gospel music would likely recognize the song “Thath’Indawo,” which has been sung by a number of musicians in a variety of settings. It inspires listeners to take up residence in the kingdom by serving as a potent reminder of the value of faith and God’s promises.


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