According to a recent study conducted in Africa with South Africa as the primary emphasis, up-and-coming gospel music artists have written fresh, excellent praise and worship songs that are rich in biblical substance but have not been successful in spreading their work abroad due to a lack of “know-how.”

    We were forced to build a website named Fakaza Gospel as a result of the overwhelming number of aspiring musicians looking for a place to release their work. Fakaza Gospel was established to offer those services without charge.

    We also want to use the platform to create a channel for those that loves to give to the needy, either in Donation, Tithe or Offering, can as well do so with the donation button below..


    Donating is a great way to give back to the Church and support the gospel there are many Churches and charities that rely on donations to support their work and help those in need. Some popular ways to donate include giving money, donating items such as clothes or food, and volunteering your time.

    To find other organization to donate to, you can do some research online or ask friends and family for recommendations. You can also Use our platform with the Donate Box below to send your Donation and be rest assured that it will get to the NEEDY. Notwithstanding you can also use the medium to summit your Tithe and Offering.


    What is Tithe

    Tithing is the practice of giving a certain percentage of one’s income to a church or other religious organization. In many religious traditions, tithing is seen as a way to show gratitude to God and support the religious community.

    The amount that is traditionally tithed varies between different religions and denominations, but is often around 10% of one’s income. Some people choose to give a lesser amount, while others may give more. Tithing is typically voluntary, and many religious organizations rely on the generous support of their members to fund their operations and carry out their mission.


    What is Offering

    An offering is a gift or contribution that is made to a religious organization or place of worship. Offerings are typically given voluntarily and are often used to support the work of the church or temple. In many religious traditions, offerings are seen as a way to show gratitude to God and support the religious community.

    Offerings can take many forms, including money, goods, or services. Some people make regular offerings as part of their worship practice, while others may give offerings on special occasions or in response to a specific need. In some cases, churches or temples may set aside a specific time during a service for members to make their offerings.