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Nqubeko Mbatha – Serve Only Jesus ft. Sicelo Moya

The Rehearsal

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Nqubeko Mbatha has made significant contributions to the gospel music industry in South Africa and beyond. Mbatha’s music is characterized by its heartfelt melodies, and deep spiritual themes, often reflecting themes of worship, praise, and spiritual devotion.

His songs have become anthems in the South African gospel music landscape, captivating listeners with their emotional depth and sincerity. With a career marked by numerous accolades and a profound impact on the gospel music scene, Nqubeko Mbatha stands as a respected figure, admired for his musical prowess and dedication to spreading messages of faith and inspiration through his music.

This time has released a new album with a 14 tracks embedded on it titled “The Rehearsal” among the tracks is Serve Only Jesus featuring Sicelo Moya

Sicelo Moya