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Sovereign Grace Music – Sobre Todo Es Rey

Sovereign Grace Music is a ministry dedicated to the creation and promotion of Christ-centered worship music. It is a member of Sovereign Grace Churches, a network of churches with the shared goal of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ by building and developing churches.

Bob Kauflin, a worship leader, songwriter, and author, formed Sovereign Grace Music in 1984. Since then, the ministry has released hundreds of albums of original worship music with the goal of encouraging Christians to worship God with passion and sincerity.

Sovereign Grace Music’s music is noted for its emphasis on biblical truth, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the desire to help believers connect with God in a meaningful way.

The eminent Christian music team who has been worshipping for over 35 years and producing Christ-exalting songs and also training for the Churches from other local churches “” comes through with a song titled “Sobre Todo Es Rey“.

Lyrics: Sobre Todo Es Rey by Sovereign Grace

Contempla al Dios de majestad,
Coronado en gloria, Rey de Santidad;
Contempla, aún en tempestad,
Las olas se postran, por su autoridad.

Es Rey, si ruge el mar es Fiel,
En la tormenta, exaltado, sobre todo es Rey.

Contempla, más fuerte que el mar,
Dios desde lo eterno, justo en su verdad;
Contempla, digno de confiar,
Fiel a Su promesa, siempre aquí está.

Es Rey, si ruge el mar es Fiel,
En la tormenta, exaltado, sobre todo es Rey;
Es Rey, si la marea es cruel,
Con gran amor, desde su trono, sobre todo es Rey.

Viento y mar te reverencian,
Truenos temen tu presencia;
Nos sostienes en tormentas,
¡No te moverás! ¡No te moverás!