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Patrick Mayberry – He’s Just That Good


Patrick Mayberry

American worship leader and songwriter Patrick Mayberry is out again with “He’s Just That Good”, a song which is contained in his recently released album. Fans of gospel music have really enjoyed the song since its release.

“He’s Just That Good” is a beautiful song that praises God’s goodness. The lyrics emphasize on the consistency of God’s character and how He consistently keeps His word. The message of the song exhorts listeners to put their faith in God’s goodness and unfailing love.

Don’t miss out on this. Click on the link below to have a beautiful listen:

Lyrics to He’s Just That Good by Patrick Mayberry

I found the treasure
I found the prize
A well overflowing
The unending light
A God who’s so gracious, a God who’s so kind
A Savior with healing and freedom
I found life, I found life

He gives grace upon grace
Like rivers flowing
Mercies so new
With every morning
God made a way
When there was no way I could
That’s just who He is
He’s just that good
He’s just that good

I have assurance
I have a hope
I’ve got a future
And God holds it all
I’ve got a story, a reason to sing
And all thanks to Jesus I am redeemed

I can’t hide it I believe
I know my Father’s love for me
I won’t be quiet I will sing
Of all my God has done for me
I praise God for all He’s done for me

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