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Jesus Image is back with new release titled “Come Lord Jesus.” Michael Koulianos, the founder of Jesus Image, remarked that this song holds a special place in his heart because God gave it to him during a morning wait.

According to him, the melody and chorus were the first to appear, signalling the start of a journey from God, to God, and about God.
This song’s message represents the yearning of the human heart and the Holy Spirit as the Lord’s return approaches, and it has been favourably embraced by many as a powerful praise song in many Christian gatherings.

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Come Lord Jesus Lyrics By Jesus Image

King of Glory
Precious Lamb
Heaven’s Bridegroom
My Dearest One
Son of God
Son of Man
My Beloved Friend

My heart is longing for my Love
My heart is longing for my Love
Come Lord Jesus come
The Spirit and the bride say come
The Root of Jesse
Eternal Son
Come Lord Jesus come

Wounded Savior
Gentle Shepherd
My Prince of Peace
Risen Wonder
Lord of Light
Resurrected Christ

Come and rip the sky wide open
Can You hear Your people calling
We can feel the Spirit moving
And we say come

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