Elevation Rythm – Praises

Praises by Elevation Rythm

Elevation Rhythm is a Christian music group associated with Elevation Church, a non-denominational church based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The group consists of various singers, musicians, and songwriters who aim to spread the message of God’s love through music.

“Praises” is a song by Elevation Rhythm that was released in 2019. The song is an upbeat and energetic worship song that encourages listeners to give praise to God. The lyrics are focused on celebrating God’s goodness and faithfulness, and the song’s catchy melody and driving beat make it a popular choice for worship services and Christian music playlists.

Lyrics: Praises by Elevation Rythm

All my friends just want to be famous
Living life with a lot of time wasted
I choose You, you’re what’s missing
I choose You, now I’m different
Everyone’s saying I’m crazy
Good thing they’re not God who made me
Let em talk it don’t phase me
I’m gonna give You all my praises

It’s different now
I see Your love see it all around
Nothing’s gonna keep it down
Gotta praise gotta let it out, gonna let it

One thing is true
I was made to love You

I’m gonna give You my praises
I’m gonna give You my praises
You’re too good, to good to contain it
I’m gonna give You all my praises

It’s different now
I gotta million reasons to be loud
All creation make a joyful sound
Let every breath sing His praises out
Sing His praises out