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Ruth Adjei – Same Old God

Award-winning Ghanaian gospel singer, songwriter, and ‘Siesie Me’ hitmaker Ruth Adjei has released her much-awaited new song of faith and confidence in God “Same Old God’ featuring Minister Igwe, available now on all platforms

Same Old God, is an Afro-highlife song combining the typical Ghanaian and Nigerian music elements having an immediate ‘jump to the dance floor’ appeal.

Ruth Adjei’s recent ‘Siesie Me’ (A Church of Pentecost theme song), has been all over the place, especially on TikTok, drawing great attention her ministry recently. She is known to be a vibrant gospel singer who is growing as one of Ghana’s gospel music exports.

With great chart-topping songs in her repertoire such as ‘Matchless Father‘, ‘Oshidaa‘, ‘Mebo‘ and many more, Ruth Adjei is still living her mission of ‘Making Jesus Proud’ and making him known in every song, lyrics, gathering, and service.

Same Old God

Same Old God lyrics By Ruth Adjei

Family give me a moment
Just a moment
You give me a moment
I wanna testify about God

Verse 1

He’s a promise keeper
(Na Him Be The)
The unconditional God
The unfading God
He’s Original God
(My God Na Original God)

Onyame na Ɔka Ɛbɛmoo
Na Ɔhyɛ egyina
Ne sɛso nni bebia
(Ne sɛso deɛ ebi nni bebia)
My God na original God



Onyame dada noaa
Dada noaaa
Ɔyɛ adeɛ yiee
Saa Nyame dada noaa


Verse 2 (Min. Igwe)

Okakadi neligwe ni Baba ti amin sin
Olorun Majemu promise keeper
Ni Eledumare ti amin sin
Ti amin sin
Have you seen have you heard
What the Lord has done
He will never let you fall (Amen)
He will never let you fail (Amen)
He will always hold your hand (Amen)
He will be by your side (Amen)
Olorun majemu ni Eledumare (God is a covenant keeping)



He’s The Same Old God
The Same Old God
He’s The Same Old God

Omintiminim dadeako
Ɔyɛ adeɛ yie eeh
Nyame noo Nyame no
Nyame noo Nyame no
Ɔyɛ adeɛ yiee
Saa Nyame dada noaa