Phyllis Mbuthia – Rotaga Na Unene (Dream Big)

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Phyllis Mbuthia is a gospel musician and songwriter from Nyeri County, Kenya. Mbuthia started her music career in 2013 when she released her debut album titled “Gutiri” which was well-received in the Kenyan gospel music scene.

Mbuthia is known for her powerful voice and inspiring lyrics that reflect her deep faith in God. Her music often features a fusion of traditional and modern styles, incorporating elements of Kikuyu music and other African rhythms.

Some of her popular songs include “Maheni”, “Githi Tiwe Ngai”, and “Ni Gukena”. She has also collaborated with other gospel artists such as Sammy Irungu and Stephen Kasolo.

Apart from her music career, Mbuthia is also a pastor and a mentor to young people. She uses her music and her platform to spread messages of hope, love, and faith, and to inspire her listeners to live purposeful lives.

Phyllis Mbuthia“, has titled this song “Rotaga Na Unene (Dream Big)”.

Rotaga Na Unene (Dream Big)